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When Pu’er coffee put in mystery boxes

Updated:2021-11-16 11:40:44   

The ‘mystery box’ of Pu'er Coffee or ‘blind box’, created by Culture and Tourism Bureau of Pu'er City and other three parties, has recently become a popular cultural and creative product.

The coffee product has six packaging designs and is put in the mysterious box of Pu’er drip coffee. Customers will get a surprise when they open the box. The six designs represent the Pu'er images in geology, ecology, natural resources, ancient tea trees, ethnic culture and handicraft.

Since the first coffee bean was brought by a French priest in 1903, Yunnan started its history of planting coffee beans. Pu'er, a border city in southwest Yunnan, is now known as home to both tea and coffee.

Reporting by Zhu Zheng (Pu’er Wenlü Information); Photos by Zi Han; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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