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Music festival held in Lijiang for summer solstice

Updated:2021-06-24 11:18:05   

A special music festival was held on June 19 in the tourist scenic area at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain (5,596m), northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang City.

The musical event combined all kinds of music styles between China and France, providing the opportunity for Chinese and French artists to communicate. This concert was shown online through social media, with more than one million viewers watching.

Taking place on the occasion of summer solstice, the 10th solar term on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, the festival kicked off with a Naxi ancient music. Artists from the Dayan Naxi Ancient Music Band expressed the unique artistic style of Lijiang.

French DJ Mr. ARTHUR and Naxi ancient music artists, using different cultures and musical forms, created a new musical mode and presented it to the audience.

Other artists also performed fantastic music and sang songs with different styles, mixing the east and west cultures and making the concert an internationaly diverse event.

Source: Yulong Snow Mountain Management Committee; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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