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When coffee meets ethnic woodcut packaging

Updated:2021-08-09 20:03:30   

In July this year, coffee products with Pu 'er woodcut patterns on the outer packaging appeared in Shanghai. The coffee product, mixed with culture and art, won the favor of many young consumers by virtue of the packaging having Pu 'er elements.

Pu 'er has more than 100 years of history planting coffee. The industry of Pu 'er coffee ranks first in China, making it famous in the world.

The creativity that combined coffee culture with printmaking art came from local artist Chen Long in Pu 'er. His works permeate the cultural customs and ethnic culture of Pu 'er.

Mimeograph overcolor woodcut, which originated in south Yunnan’s Pu 'er City in the 1980s, presents the colorful ethnic culture and the ecological culture of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Pu 'er's cultural name card, the woodcut, is the perfect way to promote Pu 'er coffee.

Reporting by Xu Rui (Pu'er Publish); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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