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Sights are full of surprises in Mid-summer of Yunnan

Updated:2021-07-07 18:09:12   

  The Erhai Lake in Dali

  The Fuxian Lake in Yuxi

Sand Beach Park in Jinning District of Kunming

Every year, around June 7 is Slight Heat (11th solar term). When Slight Heat arrives, it rains more. Every season has its unique beauty, so does summer. There is a saying in Yunnan: when it is rains, the temperature cools down. That’s why the climate of Yunnan is so pleasant and cozy for visitors to travel in summer. The best way to travel is to go to nature. Various sights are full of surprises.

The Yangzonghai Lake in Kunming

The Lugu Lake in Lijiang

The Mili Snow Mountain in Shangri-La

Source: Xinhua; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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