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Hi, Yuxi: 100,000 taxodium trees turn red at Lake Xingyun

Updated:2021-12-01 18:32:24   

In early winter, taxodium trees, or ‘Zhongshanshan’ in Chinese pinyin, began to turn red along the shore of the Xingyun lake in Jiangchuan district, central Yunnan’s Yuxi city.

Since 2012, Jiangchuan has successively planted more than 100,000 Zhongshanshan along the Xingyun lake. The trees act as ecological shield for the lake.

Nowadays, the forest has formed not only a beautiful landscape, but also an ideal habitat for aquatic birds and other animals.

Reporting by Xinhua Net; Photos by Jiangchuan Digital Media Center; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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