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Pu’er among top 100 tourist cities in China

Updated:2021-12-13 18:15:07   

Southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er was listed among the top 100 Chinese cities for health tourism at the recent 2021 China Culture and Tourism Summit Forum in Wuhan, central China's Hubei province. With an index of 0.359, Pu'er ranked 43rd in the list.

Pu’er tea displaying garden


The evaluating index system is based on four factors: ecological conditions, health environment, economic growth, and tourism development.

The Meizi Lake

Pu'er has world-class tourism resources, such as the Jingmai ancient tea plantations, sites near the Lancang River (upper reach of the Mekong), rainforests with the Tropic of Cancer running through, as well as the Wuliang and Ailao mountains.

Mt. Qixiang Hotel

Dubbed as the kingdom of flora and fauna, Pu’er was once listed as a 2020 Chinese destination for health tourism and a top 50 health cities in China.

The Grand Golden Tower

Reporting by Zhu Zheng (Wenlü Headlines); Photos by Pu’er Culture and Tourism Bureau; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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