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Nursery rhyme shows eco-view of Dai ethnic group

Updated:2021-04-15 18:03:37   

The Xishuangbanna Radio and Television Station recently rolled out a melodious children’s song called “lush hills and lucid waters”, where the ecological view of Dai ethnic group is fully manifested and the kids are inspired to protect local rain forest. Here is the English version of its lyrics.

Baby, our forefathers had a saying for us to pass down from generation to generation:

Mountains give rise to forests.

Forests generate water.

Water irrigates paddies.

Paddies house grains.

Grains nourish man.

Oh, look! Xishuangbanna realm.
Hey! Green Xishuangbanna.

Oh, look! What ancient saying!
Hey! We pass it on for generations.

Source: Yunnan Net; Trans-editing by Wang Shixue

Keywords:   Nursery rhyme Dai ethnic group