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Courier service station at foot of Mt. Qomolangma in China's Tibet

Updated:2021-08-18 15:59:26   Xinhua

LHASA, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- Tashi Dzong Town of Dingri County in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region is located at the foot of Mt. Qomolangma. With an average elevation of 4,300 meters, the town had no courier service in the past.

However, the situation has changed.

Yang Tao is from northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

He is running a courier service station in Tashi Dzong Town.

Yang came to Tashi Dzong in the summer of 2016 and decided to start a business related to e-commerce.

Now, five years have passed.

It is not easy for Yang to take parcels to his station.

Each Tuesday and Saturday, he has to spend five hours on the road to bring parcels from Dingri County to Tashi Dzong Town.

To better serve local people, Yang often extends business hours.

"To do such an ordinary job at the foot of the extraordinary Mt. Qomolangma, I think it is meaningful to me," said Yang.

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