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"Gear up, young people!"

Updated:2022-05-06 09:46:16   XinHua

Everybody is only young once in their life, so it begs the question: What is the most meaningful way to spend your youth?

Huang Haifen, a native of south China's Guangdong Province, chose to work in the village of Galai in Nyingchi, Tibet Autonomous Region after she graduated from university in her home province.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the village perched at an altitude of about 3,000 meters in July 2021, he met the young woman who turned down a job offer from a bank in the bustling city of Guangzhou and served as a public servant in the remote village.

"Will you stay here in the future?" Xi asked.

"Yes, I will!" Huang answered.

Huang married one of her colleagues who, like her, came to Tibet for grassroots public office posts. Her husband now works in the neighboring village.

"My home is here now," Huang said with a smile.

The couple's career path is one that President Xi has spoken highly of. He has encouraged the country's talented younger generation to live and work in underdeveloped, border and ethnic minority areas to help boost local development.

Commending Huang's choice, Xi said, "[You] have come from the coast to the plateau. Here is the place that needs people [like you]. Do a good job!"

Huang and her husband are the epitome of countless young people in China. While pursuing their personal goals, they have played a role as spearheads in driving the nation's efforts in many causes, including the already-won battle against poverty and the ongoing endeavor of rural revitalization, and they are gearing up for achieving the second centenary goal of fully building a modern socialist country by the mid-21 century.

Today's young people constitute the backbone of the country's drive toward modernization. In a visit to Peking University in 2014, Xi said the majority of college students today will be around the age of 60 by that time. "That is to say, you will participate in the cause of reaching the 'two centenary goals' along with myriads of other young people," he said.

"Life is meaningful only when one leads a life with faith, dreams, and endeavors and makes contributions," Xi told the students.

The young people are in a great era, and it is the right time to make great achievements. "Gear up, young people," Xi said, asking them to strive for the great goal of national rejuvenation. "We are counting on you!" ■

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