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Yunnan issues 33 measures to boost tourism recovery

Updated:2022-04-28 11:47:18   Yunnan Daily

In order to better cope with the adverse impact of the COVID-19 on its cultural and tourist industry, Yunnan province has recently published two documents, namely “Yunnan Province’s Rescue and Assistance Measures for the Cultural and Tourist Industry” and “Several Measures to Accurately Preventing and Controlling the COVID-19 and Accelerating the Recovery and Development of Tourist Industry”.

The province has also issued 33 measures, aiming at boosting the recovery of tourist industry and helping related enterprises tackle current difficulties.


At present, under the support and assistance of several government departments, the measures have gradually been implemented across the province. Up to now, a total of 390 travel agencies and 57 tourism-related enterprises have applied for government subsidies.


So far, as much as 55.5 million yuan is ready to be used to subsidize these companies and help them conquer financial difficulties. It is estimated that another 60 million yuan of subsidies and loans will be available to Yunnan’s tourist companies soon.

In terms of coupons and vouchers, two types of consumption vouchers (travel coupon and petrol voucher) are ready to be issued to residents in Yunnan. The first batch of coupons, with an overall value of 27 million yuan, will be given to consumers in the next few days.

Regarding to the tickets of parks, ancient towns and other popular scenic spots across the province, as many as 74 A-level tourist attractions out of 141 have agreed to be involved in this provincial scheme to promote tourism recovery. A government subsidy of over 500 million yuan is expected to be offered.

As to the tourist projects under construction, the provincial government stresses that it will give full support to ensure that these projects can be completed on time. Till now, the provincial government has prepared 50 million yuan for the first stage of subsidization. And a total of 32 million yuan has been allocated to 25 different projects.

In the field of tax and fee reduction, 882 travel agencies have already completed the procedure of tax refund, accounting for 72.2% of all travel agencies registered in Yunnan province. As a form of support and encouragement, refunds have also been given to the enterprises who promise not to lay off their employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Besides, the provincial government suggests the banking system to strengthen its connections with tourism-related companies around Yunnan and give more financial and insurance supports. So far, a number of insurance companies have provided new products to specifically help tour agencies ease their pressure. For instance, the losses caused by the cancellation of inter-provincial tours under the COVID-19 will start to be compensated from now on.

And finally, in order to accelerate the overall recovery of tourist industry in Yunnan, a series of offers have been given to consumers across the province by related enterprises to stimulate travel and tourist activities. The offers cover various aspects of tourism, from air and train tickets to tickets of scenic spots, and from hotel to hostels and homestays.

Now, the provincial government continues to adjust and improve its tourism policy. More measures to help Yunnan’s tourist industry to recover as a whole are expected to be issued in the near future.  

From Yunnan Daily; trans-editing by Wang Jingzhong; photographs by Huang Xingneng and Lei Tongsu 

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