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Go deep in Lijiang: Hongmei inherits Naxi woman costume

Updated:2022-05-11 18:06:38   

The 46-year-old Yang Hongmei is one of the 12 woman inheritors of making Naxi costumes in northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang city. A the age of 20, she has took up the handicraft.

According to the legends, Naxi women's shawl has elements of the sun, the moon and stars, which means they "wear stars and the moon on the back". The shawl symbolizes the diligence of Naxi women: They begin work at sunrise and continue working till the moon and stars come out.

Yang’s daughter also learned this tradition. Yang hopes to pass down this craft to future generations.

Source: Gucheng Digital Center; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi 

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