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Baoshan coffee to land KFC stores in China

Updated:2022-03-03 17:17:27   

Having debuted at Yunnan KFC stores days ago, the instant KCOFFEE will also be launched in more than 8,000 KFC restaurants across China in April, available on the KFC app with 360 million members.

Made out of the high-quality arabica coffee beans in southwest Yunnan’s Baoshan city, the coffee product impressed diners with its package of cute red cups, forming a new trend among city dwellers.

With the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee, KCOFFEE can be brewed with water, milk, flowers or fruits. It’s also more portable.

The arabica coffee was first grown in Baoshan in 1952, and the planting area has reached 12,667 hectares. Since 2010, the Baoshan coffee has been a product of national geographic indications.

Reporting by Yang Yanpeng and Li Jianguo (Yunnan Daily app); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi  

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