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Haiguo Dialog: Quan Haiyan said children should know how to protect nature in mind

Updated:2022-01-12 16:22:03   

Try to remember the childhood days when we grew up in nature with joy: climbing trees, fording rivers, catching fish, trying berries and grass, and much more.   

Now our children grow up in the concrete jungle: playing games via smart phones or computers and suffering from nature-deficit disorders.

To make a difference, there exists a group who is trying their best to get children back to nature for the beauty and wonders therein.

In the 13th COP15 talk, we have Quan Haiyan, person in charge of the Kunming-based Zaidi Nature Experiencing Center. She will share with us the activities where children are brought closer to nature for knowledge and early awareness in environmental protection.

Q: Welcome to our show, Ms. Quan! How does the Zaidi Center design nature lessons for children?

A: Through lessons on nature, the Zaidi center brought children closer to the mountains, rivers and lakes, allowing them to know the plants, animals and eco-systems on our planet. Meanwhile, we hope that kids will see the biodiversity in Yunnan and the “seed” for environmental protection could be sowed in their hearts.

Q: What’s the significance for kids to know about nature and its bio-diversity in their growth?

A: Bio-diversity spurs our thinking and deepens our understanding to the world. We noticed that children mostly stay indoors, getting to know the world via cell phones ant TVs. As a result, their horizon was narrowed and certain psychological problems emerged. Through the activities by Zaidi center, we opened up their eyes to the diverse outside world. In jointly exploring the origin and meaning of life, they broadened their horizons.

Q: As children’s teacher on nature, what’s your theory and practice on bio-diversity?

A: I feel it important to be curious like a child when facing nature. At the sight of grassland, we can knee down for a watch or picture, so that we can see what cannot be seen otherwise. With the passion to nature, we joined hands with children in creating a learning environment for us all. And the community of learners formed their understanding to biodiversity.   

 By Gateway reporters

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