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45-year-old car mechanic loves break dance

Updated:2022-01-14 18:17:03   

A video of a 45-year-old break dance in the countryside has recently gone vital in the Chinese networks. In the video, a man carrying his daily working tools showed moon walk, sliding, 45 degree leaning, hip hop and more.

The man is Yu Xuanming, a car mechanic in Tengchong, southwest Yunnan’s Baoshan city. As an amateur, he has learned the dance by himself for five years. And his “stage” can be anywhere: in a living room, on the road, in the fields, or at the repair shop.

“Break dance makes me happy and relaxed”, said Yu. Whenever he felt happy, he would dance. “I first knew the dance when I was a teenager. I’ve been an iron big fan for years.”

“It's not easy to learn dance by myself, and it takes long to practice a movement before mastering it,” added Yu. He sometimes kept practicing a single move until his toes were painful.

Practice makes perfect. Thanks to his persistence, he gained increasing proficiency. Whenever the music is played, he’ll follow the beat.

Now, even his daughter was moved by her father’s enthusiasm and started to dance.

Source: CCTV; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi  

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