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American dad driven crazy by son writing Chinese

Updated:2022-01-20 15:35:08   

A video of an irritated American father tutoring his son Chinese homework has gone vital in Chengdu, southwest China’s Sichuan province on January 17.

In the video, the father was so angry because the child had spent 3 hours writing only a few of Chinese characters. He couldn’t control the anger and left the room.

The child's mother, Ms. Zhang, said that she usually helped the son with homework instead of his father. Busy with the second baby these days, she asked her America husband to take over the older child.

When teaching English, the father was always happy and patient. But this time, he felt the pain of helping his son in Chinese homework.

Interestingly, many netizens felt the same and commented: “I’m annoyed about tutoring my kid homework and it has nothing to do with nationality.”

It is noting new for parents to lost control because of their kids.

On January 8, a hospital in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu province, admitted a 46-year-old woman brought in by an ambulance.

She was in good health until she helped her child with homework. She passed out and the family called the ambulance.

A netizen even joked that before tutoring the homework, the parents are kind and children are filial, but good relations end after tutoring.

Source: online; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi 

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