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China-Laos friendship: Thai, Lao folks care about the railway

Updated:2022-05-25 16:45:51   

"How many times have you ridden trains on the China-Laos railway?"
"The Lao people have take the trains with zest, and everyone is very happy that Laos has its own railway."
"Because of this railway, many Thai tourists can travel around Laos at ease."
"Folks in Thailand paid close attention to progress of rail projects."…

The “China-Laos Friendship via Railway of Happiness” international networks media tour kicked off on May 23. Under taken by the Yunnan Gateway web portal of Yunnan Daily Press Group, the event is sponsored by the Cyberspace Affairs Office of Yunnan Party Committee.

Jaruwan Udomsab, a Thai communicator with Yunnan Gateway, had a video talk to reporters with the Laos National Radio, Pasaxon Newspaper and Pathet Lao News Agency. The heartily talk focused on public views on the promising railway.

Reporting and translating by Yang Chunmei and Yao Chengcheng; Video by Li Wenjun; Trans-editing by Wang Shixue (Yunnan Daily) 

Keywords:   China-Lao friendship railway