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Beauty of Napa Lake wows visiting international students

Updated:2018-07-30 16:57:45   Yunnan Gateway

“Wow! What a beautiful lake!” When the international students arrived at Napa Lake in northwest Yunnan’s Diqing on July 19, they all were amazed by the beauty of the “Plateau Pearl”. The visit to the lake was part of the Yunnan tour of “International Students Focus on China”.

Hasan, a student from Bangladash and a photography lover said that Napa Lake is the paradise for photo taking. ‘’So much greenery, clear water, clean air and it helps clean my mind. There are also wild animals grazing. ‘’

Napa Lake was listed as the provincial-level nature reserve in 1984, with the goal of protecting rare and endangered winter migratory birds and other wild animals.

Trans-editing by Wang Huan, Zu Hongbing

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