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Top photographers turn lens on firm's clean-energy drive

Updated:2018-04-27 11:15:41   chinadaily.com.cn

A dramatic view of Hanergy's mobile energy base in Heyuan. [PHOTO BY LIU YUNZE/FOR CHINA DAILY]

The Hanergy Sunshine International Photography Initiative - co-sponsored by Hanergy Thin Film Power Group and China Daily - aims to showcase the clean-energy company's cutting-edge technologies, as well as its efforts to create a better life through the lenses of photographers from around the globe.

Photographers from the China Photographers Association and the National Geographic Magazine journeyed to a number of locations across China, to witness the changes brought about by the Hanergy Hantile.

Hanergy's Hantile is a thin-film solar rooftop high-efficiency power generator that its manufacturer says can fully replace the traditional housing roof tile.

The company manufactures solutions in hydropower, wind power, and solar power.

Since 2009 it has focused on thin-film solar power research and development - and is launching innovative solar products including solar roof tiles, foldable solar paper and solar backpacks.

As those photos showcase, Hanergy's Hantiles have been widely used in many regions such as Lijiang city in southwestern Yunnan, Changde city and Anhua county in Central China's Hunan province, and Qixin Hope Primary School in Yangpotou, Xunyi county, Xianyang city, located in the northwest of Shaanxi.

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