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Rafting in Longchuan River, enjoying Tengchong delicacies

Updated:2018-01-31 11:32:36   english.yunnan.cn

Blue sky, snow mountains, beautiful villages, clear waters..., rafting on the Longchuan River in west Yunnan’s Tengchong City would be a good choice for you if you want to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the cities and enjoy a tranquil and idyllic life.

The rafting project on Longchuan River was put into trial operation on January 28. Thirty kilometers away from the government seat of Tengchong City, the Longchuan River runs through verdant mountains with snow covering their peaks in winter. The rafting track is 5.2 kilometers long, which will take you 90 minutes to complete the whole trip. Drifting down along the river, you can enjoy the winter sunshine and watch the snow mountains. After going ashore, you can remove your fatigue while tasting local Tengchong delicacies such as Tuguozi cuisine and fried rice cake. 

Editor: John Li

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