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Pilgrimage around Meili Snow Mountain

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Pilgrimage around a holy mountain is a solemn and sacred religious activity. In eyes of Tibetans, walking around a holy mountain once can wash away one’s sin.

Those who circled a holy mountain ten times are said to become immortal and free from the circle of life. And one will become a Buddha if s/he finishes 108 pilgrimage trips around a sacred mountain.

The Meili Snow Mountain range involves a group of snow mountains stretching from north to south in the conjunction area between Yunnan Province and Tibetan Autonomous Region.

The mountains’ peak Kawagebo or Kawagarbo, which towers 6740 meters above the sea level, is the highest point in Yunnan Province. 

Tibetan Buddhists believe the Meili Snow Mountain is one of the eight holy mountains in the Tibetan region. Therefore, pilgrimage around it is a long-cherished dream to Buddhists. 

There were two ring routes to pilgrimage around Meili snow mountain— the major route and the minor route. It takes one four to six days to finish the minor route, but pilgrimage along the major route, with a mileage over 150 kilometers, makes a ten-day odyssey as the elevation, landscape and weather conditions vary greatly.

Although the pilgrimage through major route is difficult to accomplish, a large number of believers still choose the route to express their piety. In addition, the route offers a panoramic view of the natural landscapes in the region, such as lakes, waterfalls, virgin forests, glaciers, meadows, gorges and so on. 

For mass tourists, September and October are best season to circle the Meili Snow Mountain. Big temperature differences in a day, complicated geological conditions, and other challenges in the wilderness are inevitable hardships of circling the Meili Snow Mountain. Therefore, travel tips are certainly needed:

Lodging: Small inns don’t exist at the camping sites along the routes, and tents and sleeping bags are surly required. 

Catering: The hiking is a load-bearing long march. Take more food if you can, especially high-calorie food.

Equipment: Besides tents and sleeping bags, other necessities include camping bag (with rain cover), outdoor & fleece jackets, hiking shoes, socks, gloves, hats, raincoats, hiking sticks, sunglasses, medicines, kettles, lunch boxes, the sun block, the flashlight, the camera and the cell phone.

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