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Time to enjoy edible wild fungi in Yunnan

Updated:2018-05-18 09:21:14   english.yunnan.cn

In May, Yunnan ushers in the season of mushrooms. And eating wild fungi forms a trend among local folks.

In the past few days, wild mushrooms from Yunnan’s mountains have shown up at local food markets, stirring your taste buds with fresh aromas. And some also bear beautiful patterns.

Yunnan is a kingdom of edible wild fungi, producing some 40 percent of the world’s edibles and 80 percent of the national total.  Yunnan has 882 species of edible mushrooms.

Statistics show the annual trade volume of Yunnan wild mushroom stands at around 200,000 metric tons, with a production value of 5- 6 billion yuan. The varieties involve matsutake, boletus, morel, truffles, and more.

Yunnan folks do love eating wild mushrooms, and here are some typical Yunnan dishes with edible wild fungi.

Fried rice with edible fungi 

It is the favorite dish for Yunnan locals.

Hot pot with wild mushroom

As soon as the wild fungus appear in the market, the dish is served in most Kunming restaurants. All kinds of fresh and fragrant mushrooms are put together in the pot for diners. 

Chicken soup with ginseng fungus

The fresh soup may make you forget all sorrows in your life.

Mushroom grilled over charcoal 

It is a common flavor in Yunnan, especially on road-side barbecue stalls. Matsutake, boletus and others are grilled. 

Wild-mushroom bun

While the northerners stuff buns with pork and cabbage, Yunnan folks fill buns with bits of wild mushrooms.

Fried chanterelle

Chanterelle, one of the four most famous fungi, has a strong aroma. It is tender and mellow.

Collybia soup

The soup with collybia is absolutely delicious, and sort of sweet.

Green-cracking russula grilled in tin package

At the opening the tin foil, you will be surely impressed by the snack.

Mushroom with rice

Most Yunnan folks have tasted this.

Steamed pork with collybia

The flavor is derived from the steam-pot chicken, a typical Yunnan dish. 

Black truffle eaten raw

The fungus smells fragrant, and it bears marble-like texture. 

Collybia rice noodles

Fried collybia is added to the cooked rice noodles. It is a favored dish for Yunnan people.

Wild-mushroom dumplings

It is a perfect marriage of dumplings from northeast China and wild fungi in Yunnan.

Across-the-bridge rice noodles with matsutake

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