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Lijiang's mango trade fair attractive to visitors

Updated:2018-07-11 09:35:54   chinadaily.com.cn

Huaping county in Lijiang city, Southwest China's Yunnan province held a production and marketing trade fair for mangos on July 5, aiming to widen the mango market and accelerate the development of the mango industry.

The trade fair attracted a number of corporate executives, purchasing managers and businessmen from all over the country, providing them with insights into the mango plantation and marketing techniques of Huaping.

During the fair, Jusfoun Big Data Information Group introduced the big data of the Huaping mango, while the Lijiang inspection and quarantine bureau announced that five enterprises successfully registered to engage in mango business in Huaping county.

The government of Huaping county and Bejing Lida Jianying Logistics Co signed an investment cooperation agreement on the establishment of the Yunnan-Sichuan Agricultural Product Logistics Center.

In addition, 19 dealers signed mango supply and marketing contracts and framework cooperation agreements with 40 enterprises, cooperatives and mango planting townships in the county.

The trade fair has strengthened exchange and cooperation between the Huaping mango industry and the outside world, enhancing the long-term sustainability of the industry for both parties.

Originally planted in 1965, the Huaping mango has become a pillar industry in the county and even all of Lijiang, increasing the quality of life for local farmers.

As of 2017, the Huaping mango planting area has reached 207,000 mu (134,467 hectares), ranking third in the nation and first in Yunnan province.

The Huaping mango in the planting base. [Photo/Yunnan Net]

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