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Goodwill games:Occasion to learn skills,meet friends and understand Yunnan

Updated:2018-06-01 15:54:42   english.yunnan.cn

Take-off, smash, cheering, hugging…

At the stadium of Kunming University of Science and Technology (Chenggong Campus), spectacular multinational ball games were staged recently. Regardless of the differences in skin colors and the languages, the players enjoyed the games a lot for sports itself is a most immediate communication.

With sports as a link, the games increased communication and enhanced friendship. From May 21 to 28, the 2nd Lancang-Mekong College Students' Goodwill Games and the 4th South and Southeast Asia College Students' Cultural and Sports Week-Kunming were held at Kunming University of Science and Technology.

This year, the event saw a participation of more than 500 youths from China, Bangladesh, India, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. 28 multinational teams competed in the fields of volleyball, football and basketball, while conducting cultural exchanges.

After fierce competitions, Central South University and Kunming University of Science and Technology (China) won the titles in volleyball games. The top prize for football was secured by Hanoi University of Physical Education and Sports (Vietnam). The winners were excited, for sure. However, other participants and the team captains also have their own ideas over the games.

Learning skills for progress

---Ning An and Hui Yu, juniors with National University of Singapore

This year we came to Kunming again and played with our Chinese friends. We learned from each other on volleyball skills. We are very excited.

---Roma Puri, team captain of International Management Institute, Kolkata

The games are an unforgettable experience and it is the first overseas games our boys have ever participated in. For us, this is an opportunity to gain experience and build confidence. We expect a better showoff next time.

---Li Yuqing and Xu Nuo, sophomores at Kunming University of Science and Technology

We are proud that this event is held in our school. The games represent an opportunity for exchange and learning. Putting into practice the skills learned in PE classes, we can better play the balls now.

Making friends for development

---Ms. Mo, team captain of National University of Singapore

It is the second time for us to join in the goodwill games. Apart from the competition, we also tasted various snacks in Kunming. They are delicious. In fact, some students in my university made friends with their peers from other countries on last year's games. They have stayed in touch one another via Facebook.

---Phetsamone, head of Student Affairs Office, Souphanouvong University of Laos

Our school has been an active participant in games since the first session. For participating students, the sports event is a rare occasion to communicate with peers from other countries, learning from each other and making progress together. Thanks to the games, our school has also reached consensus with Kunming University of Science and Technology on talent training. In this sense, the event has gone beyond games.

Better understanding to China

---Numphon Thaiwong, team captain of Rajamangala University of Technology Isan

Participating in the annual Lancang-Mekong college students' games is something that many students in my school expect. We will bring more youths to the games so that they can come to Yunnan and better understand China.

---Sittisak Yeeyoun, team captain of Rajamangala University of Technoloogy Lanna

In the games, we have known more about Chinese students. Players from Kunming University of Science and Technology played with us. They are excellent. Also, we feel that Chinese students are serious about learning. Many team members hope to re-visit Yunnan someday, and some even plan to continue their study in Kunming.

Reporting by Su  Churan, Han Chengyuan and Li Wenjun

Trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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