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Colorful Yunnan in the eyes of cultural celebrities and others

Updated:2018-06-22 17:43:52   yunnangateway.com

In a brand new promotional video released by the Information Office of Yunnan Provincial Government,  quite a few local cultural celebrities and others presented Yunnan to the world:

Yang Liping, a famed dancer, comes from Eryuan County in Yunnan.

“I dance in sea of flowers, rosy clouds and under snow mountains of colorful Yunnan.”

Li Xincao, a conductor from Yunnan’s Baoshan City

“Music has no borders, but the musician does. The hometown is where the melody begins.”

Xiaoxue, a poet from Xizhou Township, Yunnan.

“Yunnan is a perfect place for poetic creation. Let’s find the story behind every mountain.”

Ye Yonqing, a painter from Yunnan’s Heqing County

“Drawing leaves, clouds and birds is the process of drawing Yunnan in my mind.” 

Pei Shengji, a botanist who based in Yunnan for six decades.

“Yunnan is the grand garden of China, it also boasts the treasure of ecological resources.”

Wang Liyuan, a florist.

“While flowers in other places are presents, we can meet all year round in Yunnan.”

Li Lin, an aviatress from Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province

“Yunnan has a large friend circle, attracting tourists across the world.”

Pei Yifeng, a French who studies Yunnan-Vietnam Railway

“People get to know Yunnan via traveling along the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway a century ago. Yunnan now amazes the whole world by integrating into the Belt and Road Initiative in a hundred years.”

Jin Feibao, a famous explorer from Kunming City. 

Editor: Wang Shixue

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