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Being bold, Li's sole tip on mutton barbecue (12)

Updated:2018-12-07 11:08:46   Yunnan Gateway

Barbecuing, I suppose, is a natural cooking method to meat. A tenderly-barbecued sheep foreleg is often appealing to the beast-like men who indulge themselves in drinking and eating.

"If the food materials are quality ones, a plain seasoning is enough to make the meal perfect." Such a liberal remark by some foodies is not necessarily sensible, but it well suits for the case of mutton barbecuing.

A barbecuing man should be bold on the whole, while noticing the details and following the cooking steps.

The barbecue steps are as follows:

Boil some red pepper and myrcia and after cooling down add into the sauce some cut onion, celery, ginger, gardenia, salt and white sugar.

Here, I would note the gardenia is a purely natural fruit to color the meat.

Then quickly soak the sheep leg into the sauce liquid, and rub repeatedly the mutton texture with Chinese parsley. The strokes must be soft yet far-reaching.

Before being barbecued, the mutton should be thoroughly cleaned. In winter, it is advisable to soak mutton in the sauce liquid overnight, so that flavors would find their way into the mutton.

In the final barbecuing, I don't have much to say, but the key is: be bold, and don't be shy.

To tell the truth, I most enjoy my mastery in barbecuing. Also, it’s a soul-stirring experience for me to chew the juicy meat and swallow the delicacy.

I share the mutton barbecue with my friends, drinking. Cloaked by simmering smoke, we talked about anything, forgetting the negative effects of grilled meat.

Men tend to be ambitious. But if it’s really beyond you, why not drink and let it go! 

By Li Wenjun and Wang Shixue

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