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Weishan joins hands with OCT in hosting Torch Festival

Updated:2019-07-30 11:24:52   Yunnan Gateway

The 2019 Weishan International Torch Festival took place in west Yunnan’s in Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County from July 26 to 28, with its climax on Saturday evening bringing spectators immense festivity.

Featuring a night spectacle created by 1,100 drones and 8 merry-making events, this year’s 3-day festival was jointly held by the Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) and the Yunnan Society for Yi Ethnic Studies.

And it was undertaken by the OCT Yunnan Expo Tourism Group and the Weishan Society for Yi Ethnic Studies.

The 8 merry-making events involved a stunning stage show, a carnival night, a Weishan snack show, a firework show, artistic performances and the Nanzhao cultural exhibition. 

Among them, the stunning multi-dimensional night show, which was jointly staged on July 27 by over 200 artists from Shenzhen, Kunming and Weishan, amazed the audience a lot. Designs depicting the ethnic totem images were also popular during the festival.

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