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Autumn scenaries of Xiaocaoba in NE Yunnan

Updated:2019-11-05 11:10:10   english.yunnan.cn

In Yunnan, where is the best place to travel to at this time in autumn? Xiaocaoba is probably one answer. 

The Xiaocaoba Scenic Area in northwest Yunnan's Zhaotong city has an area of 163 square meters in all. It is particularly famous for its fresh air and pleasant natural environment, because nearly 90 percent of the area is covered by virgin forests. 

A part from forests, Xiaocaoba is also featured by a range of other landscapes, including streams, hills, waterfalls as well as ponds. Over 1,300 kinds of animals and plants have already been identified here, with several species being even confirmed as endangered species, such black bear, macaque, golden pheasant, Chinese dove tree, basswood and taxus mairei.

There are over 600 tourist spots scattering in the scenic area. 

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