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Enchanting late autumn view of Kunming

Updated:2019-11-22 11:35:14   Yunnan Daily

As late autumn comes, tree leaves in Kunming - capital of one of the southernmost provinces in China - have began to turn gold, despite of its internationally-known nickname as the "City of Eternal Spring". 

Walking along the meandering Daguan River near the downtown, you can soon find leafy canopies connecting to each other and glistening brightly in the sluggish sunshine. 

This time of a year also synchronizes the city’s annual seagull-watching period, when tens of thousands of black-headed gulls arrive from Siberia after a far-flung journey and make Kunming a temporary winter habitat of them.

Sea gulls hover around and land on the crystal-clear river occasionally, which has created a vivid oil painting-like view.  

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