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Maple leaves draw tourists to Heilongtan Park, Kunming

Updated:2019-11-25 11:18:55   english.yunnan.cn

Scarlet maple leaves lured crowds of citizens and tourists to Kunming's Heilongtan Park last Saturday on November 23.

Last weekend, a considerable number of people were attracted to the Heilongtan Park in north Kunming, Yunnan province, where the 15th Kunming Maple Leaf Festival was underway. 

With over 6,000 maple trees of various kinds growing inside, the park has long been playing as a popular winter destination for both citizens and tourists. The trees not merely help grace the park itself, but add romantic hues to the entire city. 

Compared to the past, this year's maple season has been postponed as a result of climatic change. It is estimated that these scarlet maple leaves can be appreciated until mid-December.  

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