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Ethnic festival celebrated at Yunnan Nationalities Village

Updated:2019-07-09 16:25:47   Yunnan Gateway

Tourists try to catch roosters in the Yunnan Nationalities Village on July 7.

When a flock of roosters showed up on the lawn of Yunnan Nationalities Village in Kunming on July 7, crowds of tourists forgot about everything else and joined the rooster catching competition. They had awaited there for quite awhile.  

This is part of the celebration of Kuzhazha Festival, the most important moment of a year for the Hani minority.

The Kuzhazha Festival, also known as the “Minor New Year,” contains traditional rituals to express gratitude to Apimei, a god for the Hani people, and solicit his protection and blessing for the upcoming year.  

The whole festival has a span for days.

A tourist holds rooster with her hands

“I finally caught one,” said Mrs. Chen, a tourist from Sichuan province, with a rooster in her arms. “How exciting the experience is!”

“Since I arrived in Kunming yesterday with my friend, we have found many interesting things, and hopefully this trip will bring us more surprises,” added she.

Two ethnic young men carry rice seedlings with bamboo baskets

A variety of activities were synchronized in the village, including singing, dancing, trapeze competitions and an ethnic teeterboard game named Moqiu.

The trapeze competition

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