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Paper-cuts reveal touching moments during virus outbreak

Updated:2020-02-19 14:12:38   english.yunnan.cn

 Chen Fengjun makes paper-cuts themed fighting against coronavirus. 

The novel coronavirus pneumonia which broke out in China last month still affects the life of every person living in this country.  

People with different occupational backgrounds have been seen involving in this battle against the virus, and medical workers apparently are the most visible ones.

Inspired by their spirit, Chen Fengjun - a paper-cutting artist and also calligrapher from Baoshan city in southwest Yunnan province - recently designed and created a series of art pieces, dedicating to the individuals who have devoted their time, energy and even lives to the fight.

“When I picked up the scissors, one after another images began to appear in my mind, just like slides,” said Chen. “I have been deeply moved by their work ethic and compassion. They are role models and we all should learn from them.”      

In her works, there are medical experts, doctors, nurses, policemen, as well as military officers.

“I sincerely want to say thanks to every single one of them. Without their effort and hard work, the virus cannot be contained, and those patients are not able to be cured,” she told us. 

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