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Work, production resumed orderly in Yunnan businesses

Updated:2020-02-26 17:36:24   Yunnan Gateway

Businesses in Yunnan province have gradually resumed work and production in recent days, with measures for preventing the COVID-19 epidemic still imposed on employees.

Power generation

With the epidemic going on, the Lancang Hydropower Company first focused on power generation and safe operation of its power stations.

Xiaowan Power Plant carried out an all-round check to identify possible risks in resuming production. Longkaikou Company had special staff waiting for emergency response around the clock, while the Wulonglong Power Station has timely adjusted its unit's operation for maintenance.

Fertilizer supply 

While doing a good job in epidemic control, Yuntianhua Group has resumed production and supply of fertilizers.

The Group leveraged its industrial advantages to increase the supply of ammonia, phosphate and bags. By bringing into full play of its subordinate logistics companies, the group ensured smooth flow of goods.

Steel and iron

Kunming Iron & Steel Holdings stuck to normal operation, with 20,000 plus workers at their posts to ensure production.

From January 24 to February 3, the company has finished in advance the tasks in steel, iron, coke and cement production.

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