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Sunrise over Meili Snow Mountain in Diqing, NW Yunnan

Updated:2020-06-12 15:03:43   China Daily

Tourists take photos of an awe-inspiring sunrise over snow-capped Meili Snow Mountain on June 10, 2020. It's a moment that recurs annually in the Diqing Tibetan autonomous region of Yunnan province. [Photo by Wang Jianhua/for chinadaily.com.cn]

Awe-inspiring scenes of sunrise over snowy mountains, with the sun and moon shining together evoked many cheers from visitors on Meili Snow Mountain in Yunnan province's Diqing Tibetan autonomous region on Wednesday.

In the rainy season, the mountain reveals its long lost true appearance. It attracted many people on Wednesday morning.

"The mountain is most magnificent when the special scenes appear — sunrise, with the sun and the moon shining together, has always been a major attraction," one visitor said.

Many expressed feelings of wonder and noted their good luck after seeing the beautiful scenery.

Meili Snow Mountain, with its main peak 6,740 meters above the sea level, is the highest mountain in Southwest China's Yunnan province and a major tourist destination in China.

The spectacular scene, which recurs each year, is a magnet for tourists from home and abroad.

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