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Kunming holds “rice dumpling feast” for wild animals

Updated:2020-06-24 17:31:23   Yunnan Daily

In the morning of June 23, staff at the Kunming Wild Animal Park, Yunnan province, prepared a unique rice dumpling meal for animals in the park, encompassing pandas, raccoons, giraffes as well as ring-tailed lemurs.

Rice dumpling, known as Zongzi in Mandarin, is a pyramid-shaped snack which has long been consumed in China to specifically celebrate the traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

“We have made rice dumplings with four different tastes today,” a staff told reporter, smiling. “The ones with carrot stuffing are for giraffes, and those having bananas, peanuts and dates in them are lemurs’ favorites.”

By holding this annual Dragon Boat Festival for animals, the Kunming Wild Animal Park has seen an increasing number of tourists, especially young visitors, over the past few years.

Reporting by Li Zha; trans-editing by Wang Jingzhong

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