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About YunnanExpress


YunnanExpress (english.yunnan.cn) is a multi-language communications network platform newly established by Yunnan Daily Press Group. Relying on the great interviewing and editing capabilities of Yunnan Daily Press  Group, it focuses on reporting important news about the economy, society, tourism, education, culture and other aspects of China (Yunnan)-ASEAN and China (Yunnan)-South Asia. Yunnan is geographically adjacent to ASEAN and South Asian countries. With such advantages, this platform will strive to build itself into the largest news and information database and sharing centre of China (Yunnan) – ASEAN and China (Yunnan) – South Asia, open a news and information channel between China (Yunnan) and ASEAN and South Asian countries, accelerate regional cooperation and achieve win-win outcomes in multiple fields. 

Yunnan Daily Press Group now owns an all-media international communication platform including 1 English website: YUNNANEXPRESS and several newspapers published in Chinese, English, Myanmese,Indonesian and Khmer. And these newspapers are circulated in the United States, Myanmar, Indonesia,Bangladesh and Cambodia, and operated by International Communication Center of the Group.

The International Communication Center is an important department of Yunnan Daily Press Group. Now the Center is in charge of the editing and publication of following newspapers: Opening-up page in Yunnan Daily (Chinese); Yunnan Today (Chinese) published as a supplement to International Daily and China·Yunnan (English) as a supplement to Los Angeles Times in the United States; Beautiful Yunnan (Chinese) published as a supplement to Golden Phoenix, and Beautiful Yunnan (Myanmese) published as respective supplements to The Yangon Times and The Flower News in Myanmar; Beautiful Yunnan published as supplements to International Daily, International Media and Indonesian News in Chinese, Indonesian and English respectively in Indonesia;China·Yunnan (English) published as a supplement to The Independent in Bangladesh;China·Yunnan(Khmer) published as a supplement to Rasmei Kampuchea in Cambodia;China·Yunnan(English) published as a supplement to the Nation in Thailand;and China·Yunnan(English) published as a supplement to Vientiane Times in Laos.

Digital versions of above-mentioned newspapers are uploaded to YUNNNANEXPRESS for the convenience of our readers. More information, please visit YUNNNANEXPRESS at  english.yunnan.cn

Thank you very much  for visit our website again.

 《云快报》(YUNNAN EXPRESS) english.yunnan.cn 是云南日报报业集团主办的全新多语种国际传播网络平台。依托云南日报报业集团强大的采访和编辑力量,重点报道中国(云南)东盟,中国(云南)南亚经济,社会,旅游,教育,文化等方面的重要新闻。云南省与东盟,南亚国家有着天然的近邻区位优势,该平台将致力打造中国(云南)东盟,中国(云南)南亚最大新闻信息数据库与共享中心,搭建中国(云南)与东盟,南亚国家间的信息直通车,加快区域合作速度,构建共赢格局。

 云南日报报业集团目前拥有向五个国家(美国、缅甸、印度尼西亚、孟加拉国、柬埔寨),用五个语种(中文、英文、缅甸文、印度尼西亚文、柬埔寨文),以及一个英文 网 站 YUNNANEXPRESS(ENGLISH.YUNNAN.CN)向世界传播的全媒体立体传播平台。



    更多信息,请访问:云快报网站。网址:  english.yunnan.cn




Home News Asean SouthAsia Consul Travel Education Culture Video People Neighbour Newspaper Seminar
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