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Scenic sites in Kunming roll out special ice cream

Updated:2021-07-02 18:17:30   

These days, Kunming, capital city of Yunnan, welcomes the blooming season of lotus flowers. Visitors can not only enjoy the beauty of lotus but also taste the ice cream in the shape of lotus and pavilion at the Daguan (grand view) park. The hand-made ice-cream has four flavors: milk, matcha, strawberry and chocolate.

At the Yunnan Military Academy that lies near the west bank of the lotus-filled Cuihu (green lake) park, the iced cakes and snacks for visitors are made in the patterns of the century-old traditional building, as well as the relics in the historical museum.

Special ice cream also gained popularity in other famed Chinese scenic areas, such as the Temple of Heaven, the Sanxingdui ruins and auspicious animals. These tourist attractions made similar creative cultural products to enhance visitors' experiences.

Online sources; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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