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Shangri-La, paradise for bird watchers in winter

Updated:2018-01-10 15:42:47   english.yunnan.cn

Lost Horizon, a novel written by English writer James Hilton, described a mysterious and fascinating world, which lured many to search for it in China. The paradise is called Shangri-La, a county-level city in the Diqing prefecture.

Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture lies in northwest of Yunnan province. It situated in the place where Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet meet and is the heartland of the “Three Paralleled River” area, a World Nature Heritage.

Majestic Biluo Snow Mountain, magnificent Gaoligong Mountain, Pudacuo National Park (a national park with pristine natural ecological environment) are renowned sceneries of the treasured land. The word Shangri-La means "auspiciousness and good fortune" in the Tibetan language.

Beauty of the region lasts from spring to winter, attracting numerous tourists all year round. Winter is special among four seasons of Shangri-La as it is also a paradise for bird lovers.

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