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Squirrel-feeding at Yunnan University on weekends

Updated:2018-09-26 09:59:31   Yunnan Gateway

Animals tend to be favored by citizens worldwide, and typical cases include pigeons at London’s Trafalgar Square, deer in the Japanese city of Nara and sea lions at San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf.

Kunming citizens also love animals, especially little squirrels at the old campus of Yunnan University. Over the weekends, they often gather at the campus to feed the little squirrels there, together with the students.   

The university has a long history. The classic Huize Building and the leafy Ginkgo Avenue are major attractions at the old campus, frequently visited by locals and tourists. And the little squirrels in the campus trees and bushes are favored by all visitors.

The squirrels are not shy. 

In the morning, students appear at the university. While reading near the bushes, they offer the squirrels some nuts, biscuits and fruits. The little squirrels, which are all like “foodies”, show up in the branches nearby. Then the little creatures look around in a vigilant manner and move down the trees carefully. At last, they take the food with their claws and begin biting. 

At noon, the campus sees more visitors.

"Look, a little squirrel", someone exclaims, drawing the crowds' attention. A gray squirrel sits on the tree, scratching its head, looking around and jumping up and down at times. And more interestingly, the little thing accepts all offered foods. The squirrel foodie draws attention from more visitors, who come to take the pictures. 

Besides the campus, you can also see the lovely squirrels in the Green Lake area.

In Kunming, man and animals live in harmony, forming a unique sight.

By Chen Chuangye and Wang Shixue

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