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‘Shared elevator’ improves living conditions in old residential communities

Updated:2020-10-14 18:08:16   Yunnan Daily

It’s difficult for elderly people to go up and down in a tall building without elevators. To solve this problem, shared elevators are recently introduced to improve living conditions in a residential community, Kunming, capital city of southwest China’s Yunnan Province. 

The elevators, consisting of four lift cars, were installed in Chunhui residential community where more than half of the 300 residents are over the age of 65.

Each time, it costs 0.2 RMB (0.029 USD) to 0.3 RMB (0.044 USD) based on which floor the residents need to go to. Besides swiping card and scanning QR code, fingerprint and face identification are also acceptable as modes of payment. 

It is expected that more ‘shared elevators’ will be installed in more old residential communities of Yunnan in the future. 

Text and photo by Chen Fei; Translating by Li Hengqiang; 

Keywords:   elevator living conditions